XE to XZ+ aftermarket conversion videos and article on Social media

If you browse YouTube or facebook, there are a plethora of articles and videos who tell they have managed to convert their XE to XZ+. Wanted to highlight the current misinformation that is circulating nowadays on the internet. The are umpteen number of videos and posts where an XE owner has gone to some accessory shop, added accessories to his liking and called his XE as an XZ+. This is technically impossible as some of the features of XZ+ are proprietary to Tata motors and cannot be fit as an after market solution.

The above is incorrect and ethically wrong. Adding stickers and accessories to XE doesn't make it an XZ+. At the best, the model could be called an accessorized XE, customized XE or personalized XE. It cannot be called an XZ+ even by the wildest imagination. Example there is no way, IRA or cruise control can be retrofit on an XE, in an attempt to make it an XZ. Please be aware of this fake information and please don't fall for tricks by anyone. The same logic applies to cooled glovebox, Tri-arrow IMD pattern with premium white finish on the Dashboard, Follow-me-home lamps, Front fog lamps with cornering assistance to name a few. This is purely an attempt to garner views. I personally have seen each and every video of XE to XZ+ but no one ever has talked about adding IRA or cruise control or any of the features to XE. Overall in General they talk about adding a stereo, speakers, seat covers and some fancy accessories.

The aim of this post is to just educate the average customer and to ensure he doesn't fall for this trick. I challenge any of the persons claiming to call their XE as XZ+ to show me how the features of XZ+ were added to XE.