Should you buy a Nexon EV

EVs are the hot thing now and everything thinks of buying an EV. Owning an EV is really cool right? It is green for the nature right? Lets see the pros and cons of Nexon EVs here. Read this article and decide, if Nexon EV is the one for you or not.


  1. EV is a clean green vehicle.

  2. Never would you need to stop at a fuel station.

  3. You could recharge your EV at home unlike a fossil fuel car.

  4. Cost of running is low.

  5. It is a silent car. You can even call it a stealth car


  1. India is still a power deficit nation and not a power surplus nation like America. There are parts of India, where there is no 24 X 7 power yet.

  2. You should be constantly charging your car.

  3. If there is no charge in your car and there is an emergency, you cant use your EV.

  4. It takes four hours to charge an EV, where it takes only four minutes to fill up fuel.

  5. Your apartment secretary might be narrow minded to not allow you to charge from common electricity and/or install your own charging setup.

  6. It is difficult to prevent power theft from your EV charging console.

  7. If you live in a rented apartment, it would be difficult to setup/move your charging setup. Again you are dependent on apartment secretary.

  8. If you are in a job that calls for frequent inter-city transfer, you will be greatly inconvenienced.

  9. If you are in a "quarters" provided by your employer, chances of EV Setup is practically zero. (Police, banks, LIC folks are allocated govt quarters for living )

  10. Absolutely unusable for long drives / trips.

  11. Availability of charging stations on highways are practically nil. There is still a long way to go for petrol pumps to allow charging (even if one is ready to pay)

  12. Even if you manage to make a short trip, whether your destination host (resort/hotel/lodge) will allow usage of their electricity, albeit chargeable, is still questionable.

  13. India isn't broad-minded enough to allow a charging facility for EVs at a commercial establishment like mall, theatre, marriage halls etc.

  14. If you are stuck in an unexpected traffic jam, using AC & headlights will eat up your battery & you might lose charge before reaching home.

  15. Practical usage in frequent run situations like wedding, death, pregnancy, medical emergency is questionable. You would need to make frequent errand trips but the EV will run out of charge before your errands end. One tank of diesel or petrol will easily see you through your emergency & even if you need to fill up again, it wont take more than 4 mins to fill fuel.

  16. Petrol & diesel engine cars can be serviced at any roadside garage but EV requires to be "towed" to the nearest A.S.S. Imagine yourself on a vacation and your EV fails.

  17. EV is new, so you would need to get everything "replaced" at A.S.S as A.S.S wont repair anything. Aftermarket garages aren't equipped to handle EVs yet.

  18. Replacing the battery & Drivetrain will cost a bomb.

Considering the above points, I recommend EV only as a second car, if you manage to go straight from home to work and back & also stay in an individual house. EV is not suited for long drives / highway drives and un-predicted traffic jams. India still has a long way to go for EV cars to become a reality.

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