Technical Issues

ABS Unit Ticking noise

This is caused by the relay of the pump of the ABS unit, trying to maintain pressure in the piping. It is normal. If the sound persists or the sound is too loud, the following could be the issue

  1. Air in the brake line - Resolvable by bleeding

  2. Less oil in the system - Oil topup needed

  3. Ticking noise still persists - ABS unit need to be replaced.

Other Points:

We needn't worry if the Check ABS light doesn't come up on the instrument binnacle. If Check ABS light is displayed in the binnacle, drive slowly and take it the A.S.S at the earliest.

Precautions to be taken during service

As a Nexon owner, you would be required to visit the A.S.S every six months. Here are some tips to prevent you from getting ripped off by the A.S.S

  1. Opt for only those services that are mentioned in the manual

  2. Avoid Lubrication and AC cleaning - It is not needed and not mandated by Tata either.

  3. Avoid under chassis coating/Anti-Rust coating/Teflon Coating/Polishing etc at dealer. If you need go to a professional.

  4. We recommend getting your wheels aligned and balanced by an aftermarket dedicated tyre shop. They are better, cheaper and also offer a free check up within a month. A.S.S is costlier and also doesn't offer free checkup.

Air Throw is very less from AC vent

Even when you turn on the blower at speed 7, the air throw isn't sufficient.

The first step is to try to clean the Cabin filter. Clean and re-fit (No need to replace). If it doesn't work, use an AC foam spray and remove all the dirt from the Coil assy.

Air Pressure in tyre

Many many people ask for recommendations on the ideal tyre pressure setting for Nexon. Irrespective of whether you use Nitrogen or Air, it is good to maintain the factory recommended 30 psi in all tyres. If you find the ride a bit too soft, you can go with 32 psi. I have found 32 psi to be the best balance between ride comfort and stiffness. You may go all the way upto 32 psi but no more than 32 ever. It is highly risky to run your car with over inflated tyres.

Offset steering wheel

A perennial problem in Nexon is that in many cars the steering is offset slightly to the right or left. This is totally unacceptable in today's world but end of the day this isn't a Japanese company. Firstly, try to take it the A.S.S and try if they are able to fix it. Chances are they might not resolve it. Then next take it to any wheel alignment balancing shops and they may fix it. If they are unable to fix it, you would need to do "steering calibration" at the A.S.S. This would be done free of cost under warranty.

Misting/Fogging of headlamps

Another opportunity lost for perfection is to prevent the headlamp assembly from fogging in rain. This is again unacceptable in today's manufacturing sophistication . The remedy that Tata suggests is to switch on the high-beam for upto 40 minutes and then check if the fog vanishes. If it does, you are lucky, else the A.S.S will replace the unit under warranty.

I personally don't like this fix as it is rude behavior to use high beam when there is a vehicle approaching on the opposite lane.

Can we upgrade all bulbs to LED?

Answer is Yes, except front indicators. Front Indicator is a molded & sealed part inside the head unit. Yes. if it fails, you need to replace the entire lamp assembly.

All other lamps can be upgraded to LED but it is to be noted that it is illegal (supreme court order) to upgrade low beam and high beam bulbs to LED. We aren't allowed to use aftermarket LED bulbs, even if they are within the permitted lumen. There have been instances where our members have been stopped by the authorities and fined. You definitely can upgrade front fog lamps, brake lamps, reversing lamp, rear fog lamp, rear blinker & boot lamp to LED.

Reversing sensor isn't audible / volume is low

The trick is very simple. While the reverse gear is engaged, just increase the physical volume control button on the dash and voila !! the sound can be heard again.

AC cuts-off at highway speeds and doesn't cool

The culprit could be thermistor. If thermistor is replaced and still there is no cooling, it could be the AC compressor relay.

Gear Knob wears out over usage

Many service centers tell to replace entire assy quoting 5000+ but do note that only the knob can be replaced, which costs ~ 1000/-. There is absolutely no need to replace anything else. These can be ordered of Boodmo & these are genuine tata spares.

RPM meter moves erratically / fluctuates between 800-1200 rpm.

The fix is very simple. Turn off the car and then turn it back on after five minutes. If the issue persists, it should be a fuse issue. This is fixable at any roadside mechanic or at the T.A.S.S and shouldn't cost you more than RS. 50/-.

AC adjustment knob breaks off.

The centre AC vent adjustment knob breaks off. Unfortunately, the knob cannot be replaced, We would need to replace the entire vent assembly, costing around 2100/- including taxes and installation at T.A.S.S. It is a bummer but we are helpless. Also its frustrating to note that this is not replaceable under extended warranty

Unable to open door from inside

In all probability the child lock would have been engaged. Open the door from outside and check the child lock. Set it to open and voila, your door would open from inside.

Water inside spare wheel well

Thanks to the quality of the sealant, some Nexons leak water profusely and there is a pool of water formed in the spare wheel well area. This is fixable under warranty by re-applying the sealant.