Summer tips for your Nexon

Washing your Car

Keep your car dirt and dust free. Clean bird poop and tree sap immediately. Sun will tend to make them permanently embed on the clear coat.

Tyre Pressure

Check and Maintain tyre pressure at 30 or 32 psi at the max in all five tyres. Summer tends to dissipate air faster from tyres. If pressure is less, get it topped up at home (with a tyre inflator), at a fuel station or at any tyre shop.

Cooling System

Ensure the coolant is topped up and replaced recently (within the manufacturer recommended window). Coolant is essential for engine and other parts to work efficiently. If coolant level is low, ensure it is topped up.

Air-conditioning (AC) system

Ensure your Nexon's air filter is replaced as per manufacturer's recommendations and request the service to clean the cabin filter. Cabin filter dust can reduce cooling efficiency and also the wind throw of the blower. If AC gas needs to be topped-up, get it done. AC gas is the most important thing to get the cabin cooled.


Replace your car's air filter as per manufacturer's schedule. Remember to get your AC cabin filter cleaned at the a.s.s. If it is too dirty or old, get it replaced at the a.s.s.

Park in shade

Always park in shade. Don't park in direct sunlight as far as possible. Sunlight will tend to fade the paint and make it pale. If you don't have a covered parking, use a car cover.

Leave your windows slightly open

Leave the windows slightly open, when you park the car, for ventilation. If windows are fully closed, heat will accumulate inside the cabin. However, do note that leaving the glass open will make interiors dusty and insects might find their way inside.


Ensure your wipers are in good condition. While parking, lift the wiper and park (when parking without cover). Glass is conductor of heat and the rubber will tend to fade away, causing lesser wiper efficiency.

Sun Shades

Use sun shades on the windows and glass area. There are many models available with magnetic, roller and vacuum cup options. Do note that sun film is illegal as per CMVR, irrespective of the opacity.


Reduce unnecessary load on car battery. If battery gets overheated. it reduces battery life.

Summer tips for self

  1. Avoid driving during heavy heat as far as possible.

  2. Don't sit in direct sunlight

  3. Drink lot of water and carry sufficient water while traveling.

  4. Carry lemon juice and raw onion. This helps to keep sunstroke away.