FASTAG not working Scam

There is a very new scam nowadays, at toll plazas where the operator tells you that the toll tag / fastag isn't working and you would need to pay cash. So, as a honest citizen, you go ahead and pay cash, get a receipt and continue on your journey. Now, you have travelled for a couple of kilometres and suddenly you receive an SMS. That SMS says, that Rs./- xx is deducted towards toll payment at the toll plaza, you just passed. Now imagine how furious you would be on seeing this, as you have paid double the toll for no additional benefit. You can get back the money all right, but you'll have to go through a lot of hassles and phone calls for a sum of even less than 100/- . How do you avoid this scenario and save your head earned money - Read On !!!

The scenario: As you drive the car on to your fastag lane, the boom barrier wont open and you would be requested by the operator to pay cash. They will come up with multiple excuses

a) Your fastag is disabled

b) Your Fastag has insufficient balance

c) Their Fastag equipment isn't working.

Assuming your fastag is working, let's see how to avoid getting scammed. If you pay cash, you will end up paying double the fee, as they will take cash and after a while, you'll get an SMS telling that FASTAG deducted that amount. You are legally allowed to travel without paying, if the equipment isn't working at the toll plaza. It is the operator's fault and the user is allowed to proceed without paying toll fee. This is a govt. order passed in 2018. Referring to the section 427e passed on 7th May 2018, states the below, "verbatim"

“Provided also that if a vehicle user with a valid, functional FASTag or any such device with sufficient balance in the linked account crossing a fee plaza installed with Electronic Toll Collection infrastructure, is not able to pay user fee through FASTag or any such device owing to malfunctioning of Electronic Toll Collection infrastructure, the vehicle user shall be permitted to pass the fee plaza without payment of any user fee. An appropriate zero transaction receipt shall be issued mandatorily for all such transactions”.

Please do not pay cash if they tell you the reader isn't working. You may show them the status of your Fastag on your mobile phone to prove that is is not disabled or deactivated. If you would like to take it one step further, please keep a printout of this document handy. You can show him this government order and I am sure he will allow you to pass without taking any fee.

If you paid cash, below are the steps:

Keep a copy of the toll fee receipt, scan and send the same to the Fastag support team of your provider.

They will analyse and credit the toll-fee back to your account.

You will get back the money but will end up wasting time & getting furious over the pathetic customer service most providers provide.

If operator threatens you or talks rudely

Do not move the vehicle and call 1033 from your mobile, this is the official helpline number of NHAI and is a 24X7 number. This is valid throughout india and rest assured, someone will help you.


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