Intermediate ICE


The is the brain and heart of your system. We have plenty of double din options with android available from 16000/-. Good ones from Sony & pioneer cost even 30,000/- . Study the options available on the internet and select the one which suits you.


The output of the infotainment system / HU is fed to speakers. Speakers start at 800/- and go all the way upto 8,00,000/-. Speakers are of two types - Midrange & Components. We recommend using components as they have a separate woofer, tweeter and a crossover. Clarity is really awesome with components. Basic brands JBL, Sony, Pioneer and infinity are available starting 6500/- . DD Audio Redline series at approx 7000-/ is a bit better. It is always recommended to go for the same speakers from the same company for proper sound staging.

Sub-woofer + amplifier + wiring

If you are bass-head and like that "boom-boom" sound, Subwoofer is the one for you. Subwoofer starts from 4000/-. The enclosure will set you back by 1500/-. We cant run a subwoofer without an amplifier. Amplifiers start from 1000/- for local unbranded ones and good ones are in the 10-12,000/- range. Opt for a Mono Class D amplifier as it is best for subwoofer. If you are tight on a budget, opt for a bridgeable AB class two-channel amplifier. Supplement your subwoofer by opting for branded wiring kits like cerwin vega. use a 4 gauge kit always. Never but anything below 8 gauge kit. Overall, your subwoofer experience can be fulfilled for a starting price of 10,000/- inclusive labor and taxes.

Please note that the average lady doesn't like too much bass. If you are married, remember to turn off the bass when you have your wife riding with you.