Tips to book your Nexon

Here are some simple dos & dont's to be followed for booking your Nexon. These steps will ensure you wont get cheated. After all, it is your hard earned money. Don't let anyone rob you of that.

Test drive & selection

  1. Narrow down on what vehicles you want to buy and test drive everything on the same day. Example, Test drive Venue, Brezza, Ecosport & Nexon on the same day.

  2. Take your family with you and make them sit on the rear seat & front seat and ask them their comfort.

  3. Ask the dealership to allow you to drive on the road, where the usage would be maximum. Example, your home to office route.


  1. If you have decided to book the Nexon, visit "all" authorised dealers in your city & get a "Quote" from them. Do remember to bargain and get the maximum value for money. Usually dealers throw in free accessories.

  2. Play one dealer on the other. Tell Dealer B that you want to go with Dealer A as he is giving a competitive quote. I am sure dealer B will tell you that they will match the quote. Say "No". Tell them to better the deal as ethically, dealer A was the first to get you that deal. They will throw in accessories and other goodies to sweeten the deal.

  3. Do not pay "Handling Charges" at all. Escalate to tata customer care on .

  4. "Always" take insurance from outside. It is not mandatory to take from dealer. You will save a huge amount on insurance, if you directly buy from the provider. Dealers get 70% commission from the insurance company for selling you insurance. If dealer compels you to buy from him, he is not being ethical. Don't fall for the trick telling you won't get cashless if you take insurance from outside. It is a trick. The field personnel / surveyors are same, irrespective of which sales channel the insurance is purchased from.

  5. If dealer matches the "Amount" you pay for insurance, do remember to check the features of the insurance and ask them to list out the benefits of the policy.

  6. Get everything "written" on paper or on email. Don't agree to verbal commitments.

  7. Don't restrict yourself to the dealer nearest to your house or office. You need to visit the dealer only once for delivery and the service centre only once every six-months. Taxis are very affordable now, thanks to Ola/Uber/Rapido etc. Alternatively, service centres offer pick and drop for free or for a nominal fee from your house or office.

  8. Do not purchase anything other than original genuine accessories from the dealer. Music system, seat covers , steering covers and other generic products are available aftermarket. They variety is good and price is competitive.

  9. Never opt for under-chassis coating, ceramic coating, waxing, rust prevention etc from the dealer. It is always to go to a professional car spa and get all these done. The price would be attractive at the dealer but the product used wouldn't be on par with what the market offers.

Booking your Nexon:

Congratulations !!! you have selected your preferred dealer and are ready to book your Nexon.

  1. Carry the booking amount in the form of a demand draft or a managers cheque. Do not give a personal cheque or cash. However, if you are compelled to pay cash, get the receipt immediately. In case of personal cheque, the dealer can tell that it is dealer policy to wait till the cheque is credited to their account. You will lose time.

  2. Have sufficient time in your hand when you book. Have at least two-hours in hand to spare at the showroom.

  3. Ask the dealer to provide you the "CRM" booking ID from Tata and not the dealer's internal booking number. Tis will ensure the dealer doesn't rotate your money or give preference to someone else.

  4. Don't pay anything more than the booking amount till you see the vehicle in person at the yard. Don't trust if they tell the vehicle is in transit, Seeing is believing.

  5. When you narrow down the vehicle at the yard, ensure you take a photo of the VIN number and email the dealer to register that particular vehicle in your name. This will ensure, your booking isn't given to another person with political or police influence.

Taking delivery:

Finally the D-Day has come and the keys to your Nexon would be handed over.

  1. Always take delivery in the morning. Never take delivery after lunch., especially in the evening. Delivery is a normal thing for the staff and they wouldn't be as excited as you. If you take delivery in the evening, they would be tired and just want to go home at the end of the day.

  2. Reach the dealership by 10:00 am and take delivery by noon and have lunch at a hotel. This way you ensure you aren't hungry or your wife keeps telling that food cooked at home will get wasted & its time for lunch.

  3. Have three-hours in hand at the very least, to ensure a smooth delivery. Don't expect the dealership to hurry up or value your time. Delivery is a normal thing for them and its their job.

  4. If you have old parents, pregnant wife or a baby/kid, its your responsibility to arrange food/water/tea/snacks etc for them. Don't expect that the dealer will offer it. They won't and needn't care or bother. Also, note that they will have to wait in the showroom for at least two-three hours.

  5. Before signing anything, ensure you have checked the vehicle to be damage free. Remember to check that the vehicle VIN number is same as that you selected at the yard. If there are any damages, get it acknowledged by the dealer in writing.

  6. Ensure you have the road tax paid coupon, proof if insurance and the delivery note. Registration number is a must. This will take care of police & RTO checks.

  7. Dealers will fill one-liter of fuel in front of you to enable you to get to the nearest fuel station. Most dealers will give you a fuel coupon for 5-10 liters.

  8. Ensure the dealer staff explains all the features of the car to you before delivery.

  9. Check the tyre pressure on your car and ensure it is as per manufacturer specifications. Dealer might over-inflate the tyres. Over-inflated tyres are risky to drive with.

  10. Ask them about the religious ceremony that would performed before key hand over and ensure it is to your complete satisfaction, as per your faith.

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