Decoding VIN Number

VIN Number expands to vehicle identification number. This is a unique identifier and no two vehicles can have the same VIN number at any manufacturer. VIN Number enables you to decode and infer the date of manufacturing of your vehicle. This will ensure your dealer doesn't misinform you. VIN Number also serves as a proof to ensure that the particular vehicle you selected is allotted to you.

Sample VIN Number: MAT123456MLB12345

  1. MAT123456MLB12345 - 10th character is M (Refer Year chart below)

  2. MAT123456MLB12345 - 12th character is B (Refer Month chart below)

Month Chart:

Code Month

A January

B February

C March

D April

E May

F June

G July

H August

J September

K October

N November

P December

Year Chart:

Code Month

A 2010

B 2011

c 2012

D 2013

E 2014

F 2015

G 2016

H 2017

J 2018

K 2019

L 2020

M 2021

N 2022

P 2023

R 2024

S 2025

T 2026

V 2027

W 2028

X 2029

Y 2030


  1. Alphabets I, O , Q, U, aren't used in VIN as they are confusing with numerals and other letters

  2. This is specific to Tata Motors but that said, other manufacturers have a similar pattern to identify