Welcome to Tamilnadu Nexon Owners Club

About Us

Tamil Nadu Nexon Owners Club (TNOC), founded in 2018 is the first and only exclusive club for Nexon owners from TN. This non-profit social group aims to unite all Nexon owners as a single family and help everyone with queries and suggestions.

Our Logo

Designing a logo for a club is an important part as it represents our club to the masses, thus we worked into the logo for weeks to get the prefect representation of our Tata Nexon , its signature features as well as the 5-stars which represents the "First Indian Car to have a 5-star safety rating".


We conduct events where all our members meet and greet and spend some time together.

What we do ?

We are a community who explore various modifications, maintenance tips, accessories and DIYs. All our members share their experiences about the car and also discuss about various news and features of the car and how it is used/works. Queries related to our car is discussed and solved and solution to problems are also discussed for the benefit of our members. We also have various tie-ups with shops and services across Tamilnadu and have exclusive deals only for our members. We also help new people who are confused about which variant of Nexon to buy and other tips that will enhance the ownership experience of the car.

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