Taking Delivery your Nexon

Taking delivery:

Finally the D-Day has come and the keys to your Nexon would be handed over.

  1. Ring up the dealership sales person and get a final confirmation that the vehicle is delivery ready and then start from home. There are many dealers, who have told their customers that delivery is not possible on that particular day, even when they all reached with their families. This is India, don't expect courtesy from anyone. We have to take care of ourselves, as we are answerable to family members.

  2. Always take delivery in the morning. Never take delivery after lunch, especially in the evening. Delivery is a normal thing for the staff and they wouldn't be as excited as you. If you take delivery in the evening, they would be tired and just want to go home at the end of the day.

  3. Reach the dealership by 10:00 am and take delivery by noon. Avoid evenings at any cost. Damages, if any won't be visible to the naked eye in the evening.

  4. Plan to have lunch at a hotel. This way you ensure you aren't hungry or your wife doesn't keep telling that its time for lunch & food cooked at home will get wasted.

  5. Some dealers are known to cause dents, dings & scratches on the car. These cant be seen in the evening but they'll be visible in the morning time.

  6. Have three-hours in hand at the very least, to ensure a smooth delivery. Don't expect the dealership to hurry up or value your time. Delivery is a normal thing for them and its their job.

  7. If you have old parents, pregnant wife or a baby/kid, its your responsibility to arrange food/water/tea/snacks etc for them. Don't expect that the dealer will offer it. They won't and needn't care or bother. Also, note that they will have to wait in the showroom for at least two-three hours.

  8. Before signing anything, ensure you have checked the vehicle to be damage free. Remember to check that the vehicle VIN number is same as that you selected at the yard. If there are any damages, get it acknowledged by the dealer in writing.

  9. Ensure you have the road tax paid coupon, proof if insurance and the delivery note. Registration number is a must. This will take care of police & RTO checks.

  10. Dealers will fill one-litre of fuel in front of you to enable you to get to the nearest fuel station. Most dealers will give you a fuel coupon for 5-10 litres.

  11. Ensure the dealer staff explains all the features of the car to you before delivery.

  12. If you salesman has given you good service and adhered to all promises, take a small gift for him. A wallet would do. Good wallets are available for as low as 200/-.

  13. Carry some chocolates / toffees / sweets for the entire staff. Request the housekeeping guy to distribute to all members of the dealership, right from the boss to the security guard. You won't need more than 25-30 pieces of chocolates or sweets. This is a very good gesture.

  14. Check the tyre pressure on your car and ensure it is as per manufacturer specifications. Dealer might over-inflate the tyres. Over-inflated tyres are risky to drive with.

  15. Ask the dealership about the religious ceremony that would performed before key hand over and ensure it is to your complete satisfaction, as per your faith. Ask them what all pooja-items you need to bring and what all they'll provide. Example, Camphor / Garland / Lemon / Candles / Lamps / Flowers etc.

  16. Before you drive off, ask them to remove the dealership sticker from the car. I personally don't like dealer stickers on the car. No one gives exemplary service, like in western countries and secondly I don't get anything to do free marketing for the dealer.

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