Basic ICE

You have got your car and unfortunately, your car doesn't have a factory fitted music system. It is best to opt for a music system from outside and not from your dealer. Lets explore the various parts of a good ICE and also the options we have in the market.


The is the brain and heart of your system. We have plenty of options available from 1500/-. Nowadays, a basic one comes with pen drive support and Bluetooth. Study the options available on the internet and select the one which suits you.


The output of the infotainment system / HU is fed to speakers. Speakers start at 800/- and go all the way upto 8,00,000/-. Speakers are of two types - Coaxials & Components. We recommend using coaxials if you are on a tight budget, as they offer decent output at a low price. Select any of the basic brands JBL, Sony, Pioneer and infinity are available starting 2500/- . It is always recommended to go for the same speakers from the same company for proper sound staging.


Many people skimp on wiring and usually opt for the cheapest wire or in common words "finolex" wire. Audio cables are the ones carrying the pulse from the HU to the speaker and they better be good. Imagine having an F1 car and an F1 track but the tyres of your car are that of a bicycle. Use at least 16 gauge pure copper / 100% copper oxygen free copper (OFC) wire. Dont use aluminium wires with a copper coating on top. Use local wire only if you extremely tight on a budget, however, I dont recommend that